Local Community Feedback

Local feedback is central to ensuring that any development will ultimately work well and deliver real and tangible benefits for local people. We would like to discuss this proposal with you, not only in terms of design but also in terms of how it might deliver the most benefit for you. 



Feedback on Shadow Flicker
Many people spoke to us about Shadow Flicker saying that they felt it would be intrusive in their homes and something that was one of their main concerns. It was felt in order for this project to work well in the local area, the issue of Shadow Flicker would have to be dealt with.

Revised Proposal in terms of Shadow Flicker
We can confirm that there will be zero Shadow Flicker at homes in the area. This will be achieved by installing software and equipment on the turbines which will identify weather conditions that would cause Shadow Flicker (including wind direction, speed, sunlight and sun position). When these weather conditions are identified, the turbines will automatically shut down. As is required in our Environmental Impact Assessment Report we will fully assess the potential for Shadow Flicker at all homes in the area but importantly, we will commit in this report and in our planning application to zero Shadow Flicker at homes in the local area.

Feedback on proximity & set back distances
Many people have expressed a desire to have the distance between turbines and houses increased. It was felt that the minimum set back required by the current guidelines was closer than what people would be comfortable with and that, should the project be granted planning permission, the proposal would be more acceptable if this distance was greater.

Revised proposal in terms of proximity
The minimum distance between houses in the wider community and turbines has been increased from 500m to 640m. In order to achieve this, the number of turbines proposed has been reduced from 14 to 12. As there are certain separation distances required between wind turbines in order to allow for efficient operation, pushing the turbines closer together to increase the distances from houses was not a viable option. It was, therefore, necessary to reduce the overall number of turbines and to make changes to the proposed layout moving the turbines further away from houses.

Feedback on Noise
Some people have raised concerns that noise may be an issue from the wind farm.

Revised Proposal in terms of Noise
As this revised proposal has increased the set back distances to houses as detailed above, noise that may be heard at homes in the area of the wind passing over the blade of the turbines will also be reduced. If you have any concerns in terms of wind farms in this regard we would always advise visiting a wind farm and talking to the people in that area.


The main messages that we received from talking to people over the past number of months included:

• People felt that local clubs and voluntary organisations in the area are well funded and that
there would be limited benefit from putting more funding into these organisations.
• People felt that the proposal should bring direct benefit to the households and individuals in the local area through direct return and employment opportunities.
• People felt that the community fund should provide some support to green initiatives for local


Questions People Have Asked:

Why is this Project Being Considered?

A number of people have queried why we are asking you to consider a wind energy proposal here again. The three main reasons for this are:

  1. We previously received feedback from the planning authorities and county council that would indicate that this area may have the potential to accommodate a wind energy development.
  2. It is clear that action must be taken on Climate Change/ Our Fossil Fuel dependency and where an opportunity exists to develop renewable energy, it should be explored.
  3. We are asking people to consider this proposal so that we can take your feedback on board and make changes to our design that reflect what you are telling us.

We believe that it is this project warrants consideration. Importantly we are working with the community to allow you the opportunity to influence any proposal that will be brought forward for consideration by the planning authorities.


Why Should I Consider a Wind Farm In My Area?

A wind farm has the potential to make a real difference in your life in a very positive way. Ireland has committed to moving towards becoming a low carbon economy and this will require changes in the way society operates.

We are of the belief that renewable energy projects should support the environmental, economic and social sustainability of local communities. The above table outlines some of the areas where we would see that real and significant opportunities exist.


We would like you to consider how a wind farm could bring maximum benefit to the local area.
Any Questions, Please Contact Us