How Has This Project Evolved?

An area centring around the townland of Drehid in north Co. Kildare was identified as having the potential to accommodate a suitable and appropriate wind energy development. Consultation commenced at an early stage with people living in the local community to allow feedback to influence the design of the proposal.


The initial design layout for the Drehid Wind Farm proposal consisted of:

•    14 turbines.
•    Shadow Flicker restriction limited to maximum permissible levels.
•    500m set back to local homes.


We began meeting with people in the local area at an early stage in the design process in order to gain feedback on how this project could be tailored for the local area. Our goal has been to develop a design that would reflect what people in the local area have been telling us would work best and also to establish how local people think this proposal might bring the most benefit to the local area. Local views have influenced what is now being considered. If permitted and built, this project will always reflect the views of the people who discussed this project with us. There are fewer turbines, they are located further away from homes and there will be no Shadow Flicker at any homes in the area.


Taking local feedback on board, a number of design changes were made:

  • Fewer turbines - 12 turbines now being considered
  • No Shadow Flicker - A commitment to Zero Shadow Flicker at all homes in the area.
  • Further away –  Turbines have been moved further away from homes.The distance to homes in the wider area has increased from 500m to 640m. There are now 86 houses within 1km. 60 of these would be 800m or more from a turbine (previously there were 180 houses within 1km)